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Charity aims to assist individuals facing physical or mental health challenges with retaining a sense of independence. Our mission is to enable individuals and caregivers to maintain normalcy and independence by aiding in the healthcare struggles facing those who simply cannot safely care for themselves.  For the direct client, we provide transportation, personal care and skilled nursing services.  For caregivers, we are the reliable and qualified added partner in the continuum of care that helps alleviate the stress of arranging transportation, personal care and skilled nursing.  



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We believe that the Fleet Operators who transport individuals must respond as thoughtful, sensitive and personal chauffeurs. They must strive to treat every client as if they were their own loved one with exceptional dignity and respect. We strive to create an emotional connection that allows the customer to feel special and avoid the stress of scheduling while remembering the ease of how they felt when someone pick them up on time, thanked them for their business, and, extended a courtesy open door service in which they recognized to be professional and kind. Our operational focus is pointed toward the quality of trip execution in terms of a responsive on-time arrival under all situational requests terminating in a pleasant on time delivery. If that's your ideal, we'd love to hear from you!

Better Care Starts with You!
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